Foodie by heart, Céline has always been passionate about this mysterious little confection from Bordeaux: The Canelé. At first, Céline had been baking the traditional mini rum and vanilla flavored canelés for her friends and family, enjoying this elegant but quite challenging pastry to bake. When Céline arrived in New York in 2006, she was inspired by the diversity of flavors in American pastries and decided to explore flavoring canelés with pistachio, caramel, dark chocolate, citrus, berries and even later with exciting savory flavors such as black truffle and parmesan cheese. Very quickly, her flavored mini canelés became a hit with her friends. In 2009 Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten tasted by chance Céline’s canelés and found them so “delicious” that he asked her “where she was selling them.”

Although Céline was a business lawyer at that time in New York and Paris, she decided to start a new challenging adventure and to make her dream come true. A few months later, Céline created her own company, Canelé by Céline, dedicated to offering the most delicious canelés to New Yorkers.


“Canelés by Céline are wonderful and delicious. Each time I take a bite, the flavor brings me back to my childhood.”
Jean-Georges Von Gerichten
(Michelin ★★★ Chef at Jean-Georges Restaurant, NYC)

Céline’s creations are such a perfect match with refined drinks and other luxury products that Canelé by Céline has been selected as a preferred supplier of luxury brands and hotels such as Louis Vuitton, Google, Nespresso Café, Spa Caudalie at the Plaza Hotel and the Carlyle Hotel.

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