Canelé is a traditional pastry from Bordeaux with a crispy caramelized crust over a moist and tender custard center, tasting like a crème brûlée.

300 years of refinement

In the 17th century, the nuns of the Covent of the Annunciation in Bordeaux (South West of France) started baking little pastries by using donated eggs yolks from local wine makers who clarified their wines with the egg whites. These extraordinary little confections made from simple ingredients were offered to the poor children. The Canelé (Kah-nuh-leh) was born.

A century later, the recipe was fine-tuned with rum and vanilla beans and became a gourmet pastry traveling to Paris and other main cities in France.


When to enjoy a canelé?

Snacking Time

Indulge yourself with a light treat.

Cocktail Party

Enjoy this sweet and savory bite size with any of your favorite cocktail!


Surprise your beloved ones with this unique pastry.

“Céline’s canelés are exceptional for their size and for the perfection achieved between the crunchy exterior and creaminess of the inside.”
Eric Ripert
(Michelin ★★★ Chef at Le Bernardin, NYC, 2013)

Where to find our delicious, addicting canelés?

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